Top 500 in the nation list for the 15th year in a row

Schmidt exteriors has made the Top 500 in the nation list for the 15th year in a row.

Qualified Remodeler Magazine assembles this list.

It is not a paid event.

We are very proud of this accomplishment!

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2019 Better Business Bureau Complaint Free Award

Schmidt Exterior is Qualified Remodeler Top 500

We did it again!

For 41 years, the Qualified Remodeler Top 500 has been the gold standard in remodeling industry recognition programs.

Schmidt Exteriors was chosen as a 2019 Top 500 remodeler by the Qualified Remodeler editorial staff for meeting a set of criteria including installed remodeling dollar volume, total years in business, industry association membership, industry certification, industry awards and community service.

Schmidt Exteriors named by REMODELING Magazine to its 2018 REMODELING 550 List of America’s Biggest Remodelers


Batavia, Illinois (May 2018) –Schmidt Exteriors ranks 134th on the 2018 REMODELING 550 list of the nation’s biggest specialty contractors.

The REMODELING 550 brings together the nation’s 550 biggest full-service remodelers, replacement contractor / home improvement firms, insurance restoration firms, and franchisors. Because the full-service and replacement firms operate so differently, the REMODELING 550 lists and ranks them separately.

“We are honored to receive this distinction” said Mike Schmidt, owner of Schmidt Exteriors. “There are roughly 100,000 remodeling firms in this country with payrolls, so it’s great to know that we’re among the top 0.5% in the nation.”

REMODELING editor-in-chief Craig Webb noted there’s a high turnover rate in remodeling, with roughly one-sixth of the firms going out of business annually. “In contrast, the bigger firms have a failure rate of less than 2%,” he said. “Thus, become a REMODELING 550 company indicates that you have quality and staying power—two traits that customers value most.”

REMODELING, published by Hanley Wood, is the leading publication in the home improvement industry. REMODELING has and continues to be the indispensable tool that remodelers cannot do without—delivering the business know-how, product and technical information that home improvement pros need to help make smart decisions that will shape their success.

All 550 firms can be found online at There you can sort and filter the data, which includes information on the company’s location, 2017 revenues, number of projects, and average job size. The website also includes numerous charts and profiles that illuminate details regarding the group.

How a Platinum Pella Certified Contractor Tripled His Business in One Year

Chicago-area contractor Schmidt Exteriors finds success in a competitive environment.

For Mike Schmidt of Schmidt Exteriors in Batavia, Illinois, the Platinum Pella Certified Contractor® program isn’t just a perk. It’s a driving force behind his business.

“There’s a lot of competition out there now. It’s more important than ever for contractors to take a sophisticated approach to lead generation and marketing,” Schmidt said. “The Platinum Pella Certified Contractor program helps me tremendously.”

Though he now finds the program’s benefits indispensable, Schmidt wasn’t always sold. However, it didn’t take long for him to see results and change his mind.

‘When Pella approached me to join the program, I was reluctant,” Schmidt admitted. “But when I finally joined, I tripled my business in one year.”

Contractors in the program are much more likely to succeed because they

Since his game-changing decision to join the program, Schmidt has actively taken advantage of the exclusive benefits and tools that come with it.

“There’s a prestige associated with the program, and I use it to market my business,” Schmidt explained. “Plus, there’s unprecedented education and training for installation, marketing and how to conduct yourself professionally – everything you need to build a solid team.”

One of Schmidt’s favorite Platinum sales tools is GreenSky® customer financing.

“I can have a $50,000 deal approved, signed and documented in less than 10 minutes,” he said. “And customers don’t have to tap into a home mortgage line or deal with appraisals and paperwork.”

Though Pella’s sales and marketing tools have played a major role in growing his business, the personal, long-term relationship with his Pella rep is what Schmidt values most.

“I’ve worked with Josh for more than 15 years now, and our working relationship is a huge benefit to my business,” he reminisced. “We could sit and talk forever about everything other than windows, but he’s always ready to step up to the plate and get work done.”

Schmidt’s relationship with his Pella support team has influenced him to take a personal approach with his own customers. In fact, he believes that approach has been a key factor in his success.

“My Pella reps taught me early on to treat my clients like people,” he said. “I don’t talk about windows at all during the first 15 minutes of a consultation. I want to know how many kids they have, how long they plan to live in the house and what their goals are so I can guide them to the right decision.

I know my clients are making big decisions with big dollars. And I need to understand them before throwing out a sales pitch.”

Schmidt believes that delivering on his clients’ goals sometimes means steering them away from more lucrative projects. But he knows that giving honest advice has helped him build a solid reputation.

“They may say they want one product, but another might line up better with their goals and budget,” Schmidt explained. “If I give them what they need to make a smart and educated decision, they’ll feel confident in the work I do.”

Schmidt has learned that a contractor’s ability to adapt and change is the key to continuing success. And the resources he gets with the Pella Contractor program are huge assets when it comes to staying at the forefront of a changing marketplace.

“Contractors in the program are much more likely to succeed because they’re given the product knowledge, marketing skills, salesmanship and customer leads to be at that top level. The benefits continue to unfold. “

* source “Pella Professional”

Schmidt Exteriors of Batavia builds four decades of success

BATAVIA – As Mike Schmidt celebrates the 40th anniversary of his Batavia company, Schmidt Exteriors, he remembers his first visit to job sites as a 6-year-old growing up in a family of carpenters.



America’s most honored Businesses – Schmidt Exteriors

“America’s most honored Businesses”
Schmidt Exteriors
Awarded for continuous professional recognition an accomplishment realized by the Top 5% of American Businesses.


Tribune Top 10 Pella Platinum Certified Contractors

A Pella Platinum Certified Contractor is a contractor who has a long standing history as a partner with Pella, and who displays exemplary business acumen.

Tribune-top-10-to-know-1 Tribune-top-10-to-know-2

Schmidt Exteriors is proud to be recognized as a Pella Platinum Certified Contractor

Schmidt Exteriors have been selected to join a very special group of Pella Certified contractors called Platinum Pella Certified Contractors. We we

There are only 8 of Pella Platinum Certified Contractors in the state of Illinois and Schmidt Exteriors is proud to be recognized as one them.

Platinum_PCC_LogoPella Platinum Certified Contractors are selected and certified by Pella for their window and door expertise. 

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Better Business Complaint Free Award 2012 for Schmidt Exteriors

We did it again! Our dedication and hard work paid off.

Thank you Schmidt Exteriors customers!