When choosing the type of insulation to use in your building and attic space, cellulose stands out from the rest because it:
  • Insulates Better
  • Saves More Energy
  • Recycles Waste Product
  • Slows the Spread of Fire.
Made from recycled wood fiber, primarily newspaper, cellulose insulation not only makes efficient use of natural resources, but is:
  • Class-1 Fire Rated – it contains fire-retardant chemical additives
  • Easier to install in irregular spaces, creating a custom-fit monolithic seal over an entire area.
  • Seals against air infiltration better than other fiber insulations.

Cellulose contains no formaldehyde and no glass fibers that cause itch.Studies have confirmed that homeowners who use cellulose insulation will use 20 – 40% less energy than homes with a fiber glass insulation.  Since the fibers of cellulose insulation are much finer than mineral fiber blowing insulation, cellulose insulation fills more gaps and voids.  Cellulose fills and covers a blanket without the air flow other mineral fibered products allow.