Wheaton windows and door replacement

Midwest home exteriors that nod to nature

Color selection can be easy. Get the Midwest Rustic Look While working with clients, the process seams easy until it comes time to choose a color scheme. One approach has helped my clients:  Play off nature. A suburban house in a wooded area could feel right at home clad in Heathered Moss. Or a lake […]

Mix and Match with James Hardie® Siding Styles and ColorPlus® Colors

There’s a lot to love about James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology. Besides the fact that it’s specifically engineered to help resist damaging UV rays, there’s also a stunning selection of colors crafted by James Hardie color experts. The curated colors look great on any exterior, and they are crafted to complement one another. With James Hardie® […]

Home Siding Spectacular from all Angles

When getting a haircut, the stylist doesn’t just consider the hair above your face. The same rationale rings true for your home siding and trim. When you clad your Naperville area  home with siding and trim, you’ll want to consider all angles, the front, side and back. Focusing merely on the front may save on […]

Home Siding for the Midwest that actually resists termite damage

Termites are called the silent destroyer for good reason. Without being noticed they can thrive in or behind home’s siding, not rearing their heads (or wings) until homeowners notice costly exterior damage such as wood damage and unexplained exterior cracks. Unfortunately, in the Midwest, it’s not uncommon for termites to strike, and when they do, […]

The Final Trim Touches

You have plenty of design decisions when creating your new Midwest (Naperville area)  home exterior. You can start with home siding type—be it lap siding, straight or staggered-edge shingles or vertical panels—then move on to the color and texture. From there, it’s time to add the final touches—the HardieTrim® boards and window details. Like the […]