How to size exterior shutters

Shawn,  “I WAS WONDERING IF MY SHUTTERS ARE THE CORRECT SIZE.  I THOUGHT THEY SHOULD BE LONGER” Mike’s response: The classic shutter look is to generally look like it fits inside the window trim, not from the top of the trim to the bottom of the sill. This is from the days when shutters actually […]

Re-caulk around the windows

You ask, we answer: Hi Mike, We had new windows installed 15 years ago. While the windows are fine, we noticed a draft coming into the house the last two winters. Should we re-caulk around the windows again? What do you is the best way to do the caulking? Sean, My favorite exterior caulk is […]

Residing your house step by step

You are getting ready to make a decision regarding residing your home in Naperville, Wheaton or Glen Ellyn.   You need to examine and weigh the pros and cons of each of your options.  Vinyl – Cement Fiber – Wood 1.         Evaluate your neighborhood.  Is it stable or rising in value?  Are people fixing up or […]

How to choose the right siding?

We get that question often from our Batavia; Il customers. When choosing siding,  be sure your ideas will give you the results you want both now and later. It is time to update your home’s exterior. You have many home siding options and cannot seem to decide which one to choose. Evaluating the pros and cons of sidings can […]

How long will a window last?

· Most of today’s windows are made from a frame material and an insulating glass “sandwich”-each component subject to wear, weathering, and potential failure. · Weather-stripping in the frame and moving parts can wear out with use. · An insulating glass panel may suffer a broken seal after years of expansion and contraction with temperature […]