Schmidt Exterior’s Paint Shop provides a seamless window project in Naperville, IL area from start to finish.

Our services include:

  • Stain or paint in our shop before arriving at job site.
  • Post install touch-up by a Schmidt painter whofills in holes and performs a one-time touch-up.

We offer 20 standard stain colors for stained windows and unlimited paint colors.

Whether stained or painted, here’s what we do with your pre-finished windows:

  • Bring packaged window into shop
  • Remove packaging
  • Remove sashes from frames
  • Remove hardware
  • Tape all glass & non-stainable/paintable surfaces for protection
  • If staining, product receives pre-stain, stain, and two coats of varnish
  • If paint, product receives priming and two coats of varnish

NOTE:  Product is racked and stacked to dry between each coat.

After drying, we:

  • Reassemble windows and reaffix hardware
  • Deliver by furniture truck
  • Professionally install
  • Apply a final touch-up on site.

Owner is responsible to hang window treatments only.