At Schmidt Exteriors Inc., we are dedicated to giving your home the perfect face lift that it deserves.

We provide standard siding products and siding installation services for clients within Naperville area and DuPage. And our specialized service of siding installation has earned us referrals and loads of positive reviews from our over 10,000 satisfied clients in our 40 years of expertise. We work only with quality materials from several top brands. So for your vinyl sidings, engineered wood siding, aluminum siding, metal siding, wooden siding or whatever be your choice of siding material, we have you covered.

Now the big question is ‘Why Choose Schmidt Exterior inc’?

Schmidt Exterior inc. is one of the top-rated siding installation service producers in Chicago area. We guarantee you a package of nothing below excellence, beauty, class and affordability. These are the core values that guide our services, and we work hard to give every of our clients the best service possible.

Our well trained and equipped siding installation specialists are always available to meet your varying demands. So whether you are looking to freshly install or just make repairs, Schmidt Exterior Inc. is the way to go! We also provide consultation services to help you make informed decisions about your choice of siding material.

For forty years, we have been in the business of enhancing the value and functionality of  homes with the professionalism, creativity and expertise of our team. We can work flexibly and efficiently with your budget from inception to completion to give you the results that you desire.

So for your next siding installation project, just contact us, and let us treat your home to a perfect finish at an affordable charge rate.

With our impeccably excellent and professional team, your home goals can be achieve.