June 2009:  Schmidt Exteriors sign with WGN radio and the Lou Manfredini “Mr. Fix It” show for another year of sponsorship.  Lou has been a great supporter of Schmidt Exteriors and is a true believer in the Air Krete Foamsulation story

September 2009:  Schmidt signs with Pella Corporation to re-up as a Pella Certified Contractor.  This exclusive group of 42 dedicated, factory trained, family owned companies serves the Chicagoland and Northern Indiana markets.  Go to: —where to buy —- scroll to locate a contractor —-click on “remodeling a home” and enter your zip code for a professional Pella Certified Contractor near you.

December 2009:  Schmidt signs contract with Chicago Housing Authority “CEDA” to provide Air Krete Foamsulation for the Beth Anne Residences.  This 124 apartment retirement home has strict requirements.  Air Krete was chosen because it can fill an existing walls without fear of  blowing out the plaster or drywall.  Air Krete does not expand or contract.  Because Air Krete is a foam, the fill in an existing wall is almost 100% and Air Krete has a high R-Value of 3.9 per inch of thickness.  It is also non toxic and has no odor when or after it is installed.  Air Krete is 100%  fire, smoke, smolder and off gas proof.  A perfect fit!!

February 2010:  Mike Schmidt and Jim Timze to be Certified Lead Remodelers by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  This certification shows the ongoing dedication of Schmidt Exteriors, Inc to its chosen market

February 2010:  Mike Schmidt to view the Marvin Factory in Warroad, Minnesota. Taking time out to view the latest and greatest advances from Marvin windows is a win/win for Schmidt and you, my client.

March 27, 2010:  Schmidt Exteriors signs with WGN and the Lou Manfredini show to do the “Lou it Yourself” home show at Arlington Racetrack.  The theme of the show is to inform homeowners on how to do things by themselves.  Mike Schmidt will give a 30 minute talk on how to properly insulate an attic, analyze and correct airflow and at the same time get money from the government for doing it.  Come Join us on March 27, 2010.