Home Siding with Character

Choosing a color isn’t the only way to boost your home’s curb appeal. You can add style to your home in a three-dimensional way with texture. Turns out the roughness or smoothness of your home siding can draw focus tactilely.

When you clad your home with James Hardie® siding and trim, you have texture options in a variety of products. Each offer the same high-performance durability and protection but with a wide range of looks and textures. From smooth to Select Cedarmill® to stucco, you can get the effortless look with all the performance benefits of James Hardie siding and trim.

Whether your Midwest home is a Tudor, bungalow, Victorian or ranch, there are plenty of design options to choose from for your next exterior siding project. Here are a few options that may shift your siding perspective:

HardiePlank® lap siding: There’s a reason this siding style is the most popular James Hardie product—it’s design-savvy and timeless. This horizontal siding exhibits the classic look most of us think of when envisioning a home’s exterior siding. If you choose to go this route, you can decide between the smooth, Select Cedarmill, or beaded varieties. You can see the texture of this siding—it resembles actual wood, with the benefits of fiber cement siding.

Cedar Mill Plank Evening Blue

Cedar Mill
Evening Blue

HardiePanel® vertical siding:  If you’re seeking a more contemporary look for your home, incorporating HardiePanel vertical siding is an option. When selecting your vertical siding, you may decide to clad the entire body of the home in a vertical option, or just a portion of the house. Depending on your taste, you can opt for smooth, Select Cedarmill or stucco texture.  These homeowners clad their modern home in smooth HardiePanel vertical siding in Cobble Stone for a clean and interesting look.

Residence in East Canada HardiePanel smooth, Cobble Stone

Residence in East Canada
HardiePanel smooth, Cobble Stone

HardieShingle® siding: For instant character to any home, add shingles to your siding idea list. You can use shingles sparingly to accentuate a section of the house, or on the entire home’s exterior. With staggered edge HardieShingle siding, the home will exude textured character.

David Weekley, Houston, ColorPlus, Model homes, shingle eave with sail cloth

David Weekley, Houston, ColorPlus, Model homes, shingle eave with sail cloth