air krete® is the natural answer to the energy problem. By using energy to keep your home comfortable, you have the equivalent of a small private utility owned by you. It’s the logical answer to spiraling energy costs. You can’t do anything about the cost of energy per unit, but with air krete® you’ll be able to cut the units of energy you must buy for your home.

That’s where your licensed air krete® dealer comes in. We are part of a nationwide, highly trained, professional network of installers. We use the high-technology insulation made from a proven material that can save more lost energy through your walls than any other product on the market today.

You can only insulate the sidewalls of your home once, so it makes sense to
use only the best product. air krete® , provides the highest insulation value, combined with a proven non-toxic formulation with mold proofing and fire stopping characteristics unmatched in any other product available today.


  • 100% Fireproof
  • 100% Mold Proof
  • 100% Non-Toxic, Free of CFC’s & Formaldehyde
  • High R-value, No loss of R-value over time
  • Excellent Soundproofing
  • Non-Shrink, Non-Settling
  • Non-Hazardous as waste
  • Bug and Rodent Proof