James Hardie Cedarmill Plank Siding in Winfield

This Winfield, split foyer home, with James Hardie Cedarmill Plank siding just rocks.







The Timberbark siding color contrasted with the White trim detail is awesome.

Note the new colonial door surround from Fypon. (this could have been easily overdone. The less is more approach really paid

The black shutters coordinate with the black Owens Corning, Architectural shingle, re-roof zooms the presentation. The smiles of the homeowners really speak a thousand words.


Glen Ellyn home is done in James Hardie Monterey Taupe Siding and James Hardie White Trim.



Looking for Experienced James Hardie Remodeler? Our great work speaks for itself.

This Classic Glen Ellyn home is done in James Hardie Monterey Taupe Siding and James Hardie White Trim.

Notice the dental mould on the front. Elegance and grace epitomized. With the flag in front…it makes me proud to be an American and proud that Schmidt Exteriors, Inc. can design and create this timeless Glen Ellyn James Hardie home.

Mike Schmidt

Naperville home remodeling done in James Hardie Siding


Find Your James Hardie Siding Remodeler in Naperville area.

This Naperville home remodeling done in James Hardie Siding, James Hardie Soffit and James Hardie Trim is one of my favorites.

The classic White on White James Hardie Siding products are accented by Rustic Brown Shutters and a Simpson Mastermark 15 lite full view Wood Entrance Door painted to match the Shutters. The house, the corner lot, the way it sets on the lot…it takes my breath away.
Mike Schmidt

Residing your house step by step

You are getting ready to make a decision regarding residing your home in Naperville, Wheaton or Glen Ellyn.   You need to examine and weigh the pros and cons of each of your options.  Vinyl – Cement Fiber – Wood

1.         Evaluate your neighborhood.  Is it stable or rising in value?  Are people fixing up or are your neighbors letting yards and exteriors deteriorate?  This will help determine the material you choose.

2.         The odds are if you live in the Western suburbs, your property values and your neighborhood is stable or rising in value.  Yes, even with the housing bubble, property values have stabilized and are on the rise again.

3.         You need to make sure that you have something that is going to be pleasing to look at and something that is going to last.

4.         How long do you plan to stay in your home?

5.         Think about curb appeal.  Will siding help sell my home?  Will it siding reduce market time for my home?  Will siding facilitate a premium price when it is time to sell?  Is it possible to actually turn a profit from this improvement?


1.         Wood siding is beautiful – for 1or 2 years.  Maintenance and the cost of that maintenance will soon dominate your budget and psyche.

2          Vinyl.  A high quality vinyl siding looks great.  It will last for years, and cleans easy enough with a spray from the hose and a brush.  I have always thought some vinyl homes lack definition and detail.  Some do look great.  Usually the good ones are done with an .046 gauge vinyl from a brand name manufacturer, like Mastic vinyl siding, in the Quest or foam backed Structure line.

3.         Cement Fiber Siding.  Stunning  looks, Crisp detail, bold colors or soft pastels.  James Hardie Cement fiber siding is the class of this category.


1.         Wood will be equal to and probably more than cement fiber.

2.         Vinyl depends on what your purchase.  .038 vinyl the storm chasers install is the lowest denominator.  Foam backed insulated siding is the highest end for this category.  Cost of the foam backed siding is surprisingly close to the cement fiber.  Trade up!

3.         Cement fiber.  If the cost of a good line of vinyl siding is $10k, figure cement fiber will run around $12.5k for the same job.


Rules of thought according to Mike Schmidt Exteriors, Inc.

  • Less than 5 years in a $200k or less neighborhood = vinyl siding
  • >5 years  < 10 years in a $250k or more neighborhood = vinyl is ok, cement fiber is probably a smarter choice.
  • 5 years in a $400 or more neighborhood = cement fiber siding hands down.

Fact:  According to Realtrac magazine, James Hardie Cement Fiber Siding is the #1 return on investment for any home improvement project for 8 years and running.

Have the siding installed by a Certified Contractor like Schmidt Exteriors, Inc.

Our men are technically trained, insured and each project is closely supervised.

A+ ratings @ BBB, Angies’ List, Remodeling Magazine and Guild Quality, attest to our accomplished reputation for excellence.

Please do give us a call and allow us to quote your project. I believe you will be pleased with the price and thrilled with our quality people.

Mike-pics-for-ads-025Mike Schmidt


Naperville House Makeover with James Hardie Siding



Naperville-House-James-Harie-Siding-final 003


This total home make over in Naperville features:

  • James Hardie plank siding
  • James Hardie trim boards
  • James Hardie soffit
  • James Hardie shake siding
  • Owens
  • Corning shingles
  • Air Krete Foamsulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Versa-Stone front

From our happy customers:

We are extremely happy with end result of our insulation and siding project. Mike and his team were prompt and courteous. Questions were answered, good suggestions were made and potential issues with the project were addressed and corrected and the end result really transformed our house. Not only does it look great aesthetically, but it is quieter and more energy efficient, too. Thanks very much Schmidt Exteriors for transforming our house!!
Joan Kobs

How to choose the right siding?

We get that question often from our Batavia; Il customers.

When choosing siding,  be sure your ideas will give you the results you want both now and later.

It is time to update your home’s exterior. You have many home siding options and cannot seem to decide which one to choose.

Evaluating the pros and cons of sidings can help.
Those 3 evaluation points will narrow your list and help you to choose the best solution for your needs.

No matter whether your home is old or new, those 3  points should be considered before you choose the best siding for your home:

  1.  siding durability and functionality
  2.  siding style and beauty
  3.  siding maintenance.

More coming soon…