Ensure a Comfortable Home With Wall Insulation

insulation being sprayed into the walls of a homeThere are many ways to improve energy efficiency at your home. One such way is to have wall insulation installed by the experts at Schmidt Exteriors. Located in Aurora, Illinois, and serving homeowners in surrounding cities, we install wall insulation that can effectively seal your living spaces against air leaks, improving thermal performance and possibly lowering monthly energy bills.

Foam Wall Insulation With an Impressive R-Value

Our foam wall insulation is more effective at sealing tiny cracks and crevices than traditional fiberglass insulation. A better seal means less heat loss and heat gain. In fact, the R-value of our wall insulation is 6 per inch of material! With heat transfer all but eliminated, your HVAC unit will run more efficiently as it maintains a comfortable interior temperature—a benefit that can deliver significant energy savings.

Safe—and Fireproof—Wall Insulation

While improved energy efficiency may be the primary driver for your wall insulation installation project, you’ll be pleased to know that our foam wall insulation is 100% fireproof. It emits no toxic fumes, prevents pollen and other allergens from entering the home, resists mold growth, and is insect- and rodent-proof. Additionally, the foam does not expand and will not damage plaster or drywall.

A Highly Experienced Residential Insulation Contractor

Founded in 1976, Schmidt Exteriors is one of the longest-tenured wall insulation companies serving Aurora, IL, and nearby cities. If you are looking to improve home energy efficiency with new insulation, you can confidently place your project into our trusted hands.

To learn more about the benefits of our wall insulation, contact Schmidt Exteriors today.