Re-caulk around the windows

You ask, we answer:

Hi Mike,

We had new windows installed 15 years ago. While the windows are fine, we noticed a draft coming into the house the last two winters. Should we re-caulk around the windows again? What do you is the best way to do the caulking?


My favorite exterior caulk is OSI Quad. Big Box stores, at the insistence of professionals, started handling this several years ago. Note: this is an exterior caulk.

On the inside use a high quality Latex Painters’ Caulk. Sometimes interior painters caulk around the edges of the interior trim. This will seal the outside edge seam between the wall and trim. Then caulk the inside edge where the trim meets the window or door frame edge.

Latex caulk is an easy clean with a wet rag. Wipe off the excess. The idea is to fill the crack.

Interior latex caulk comes in many colors, so you can do this to stained wood without harming the appearance