Home Siding for the Midwest that actually resists termite damage

Termites are called the silent destroyer for good reason. Without being noticed they can thrive in or behind home’s siding, not rearing their heads (or wings) until homeowners notice costly exterior damage such as wood damage and unexplained exterior cracks.

Unfortunately, in the Midwest, it’s not uncommon for termites to strike, and when they do, it’s not cheap. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every year termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage.

Many Midwesterners think that cold winters kill off termites, but in reality, colonies of termites can survive by waiting out winter indoors, only to re-emerge in spring and spread further come summer. These pests are even considered the most destructive wood pest in Michigan.

The eastern subterranean termite is the most common termite in the Midwest and all of North America, followed by the Pacific damp wood termite and the southeastern dry wood termite.  These pests can feed off the cellulose materials found in any kind of wood, including wood-based siding, such as LP® Smartside®.  In fact, when you read the LP Smartside warranty terms, you’ll find that they do not cover termite damage unless it affects the “structural integrity” of the siding.

For siding that won’t be eaten by termites and insects, and resists damage from other pests, opt for James Hardie® siding and trim. It attains to the appearance of wood, without the negative pest attraction.

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